At Bee Design, we aim to help people keep their homes feeling big, while still being able to store their possessions, clothes, books, and utensils neatly and tidily. There are many creative ways to do this yourself, even in a home with minimalist design principles.

Make every corner count!

Spaces under stairs, or the corner cupboards of kitchens are much neglected areas, which have great storage potential. You can utilise baskets, boxes, and curtains to keep the area looking near and well-presented, while still having your supplies and items close at hand when you need them. At Bee Design, we can help you make the very best use of these spaces, by creating bespoke storage designs and furnishings, keeping everything looking neat and tidy.

Utilising unused bedroom space

At Bee Design, many of our storage solutions come about from installing wardrobes of full floor-to-ceiling height. Organised shelving can increase storage capacity remarkably, with long hangs, short hangs, and folded clothing. Also, we can use the bed area itself as a storage place.

Finding more space in the living rooms

Cabinets in the reception area can be turned into a cabinet vestair with a hanger for coats and a shelf for books. Another idea for storage is the dining room where you can have a built-in cupboard to obtain all the necessary china and cutlery required for all occasions. Any bench can also be a hidden box for winter covers or carpets. Under the windowsill there are double wall gaps, which can also be turned into floor cabinets.

Using wall space in the hallways

These areas are great for storage, and are also often overlooked. You can create bookshelves, cubby-holes, and storage racks in a hallway, and keep them neatly covered and hidden. With our design, you can have your hallway space organised and looking great, while still having plenty of room for your belongings. Using light colours also helps create a spacious, airy feel.

Transfer groceries and supplies to your own containers

Packets of food with branding and plastic look very messy in a kitchen, even if it is stored in a cupboard. With shelving and the right containers, your kitchen can look like a kitchen should with rice, sugar, biscuits, and other supplies ready to use, and conveniently stored and giving a well-stocked and homely feel. Hanging attractive pots and pans from a bar or beam can also provide a double-service of saving storage space while adding decoration and style.

Manage door space

Doors take up an immense amount of room in a small living area. For downstairs rooms, it is sometimes worth asking if a door needs to be there, or if it can be replaced by a curtain or sliding door. The space behind doors can also be utilised for storage and utensils, as can the space above them. Shelving that runs the length of a room, just above a door frame can keep a multitude of items out of eye level, above head height, but within reach when you need it.

With the help of Bee Design, you can take advantage of so many places you didn't know existed. Call us for a consultation on 07789 440793 or email directly.