Don't be afraid!

By viewing the space of your home interior virtually, I can gain as much of an understanding of the space and the design needs of that location, as if I was there in person. This is especially useful considering travel expenses and costs can be in the hundreds for a single visit, and I can save you considerable cost, time and expense.

Making the process simple and easy

All you need to do during your virtual design consultation is provide me with clear images of all four corners of the chosen room, accurate measurements, and any building features or columns I would need to consider when re-designing your interior. This may include supporting walls, archways, chimney breasts and fireplaces, and bay windows.

Your input is vital!

The other important thing I need from you is your input. Both in terms of your stylistic preferences, whether it's minimal or cosy, warm or cool, and also your practical needs of the room. For the room to function it is vital to know what you use it for primarily, and what your intentions are with it going forwards. Even if you don't know what you want visually, I like to gauge your preferences and ideas, and this enables me to create a space you will enjoy much more than otherwise.

By Zoom, Messenger or Skype, the choice is yours!

The consultation can take place in a number of ways. We can organise a Zoom call together and you can show me the room by video link, or if you prefer you can send images and dimensions to me via email, and we can perform a consultation over video link to find out your preferences for the design of your room, and how you use that space.

The best way for an interior designer to get to know your home

Working with an interior designer is very much a collaborative process, and this is a great opportunity for you to share ideas with me, and test the water to see what is possible. Together we can find your preferred materials, estimate costs, and gain an understanding of what an initial idea will look like once the project is completed. Many of my clients send me Pinterest boards or other image collections and show me ideas of what they like that way too, which works very well with this style of consultation.

Helping you decide what you want

Once you have decided on a certain style of interior design I can then create layouts and virtual designs for you to consider, comment on, and adjust accordingly. Once you are happy with the design, we shall then commence the practical aspect of your interior design, with the hands-on work taking place in person, courtesy of our skilled team. Either way, we will make sure you are 100% happy before we progress!