Interior design for mental health

The impact of a positive and invigorating environment

In a post-covid world, mental health is more important than ever. Many of us are spending more and more time in our living spaces, either through working from home, reduced working hours, or a change in circumstances. This makes interior design for mental health as important as any other consideration when we create a new interior living space.

Here at Bee Design, we are all about making a living space have a positive impact on mood, both for you, your family, any guests or lodgers, and pretty much anyone who stays there.


How Interior Design can positively impact your Mood

The quest for good mental health begins with your environment. Living in a depressing environment, with low light levels, a lack of colour or stimulation, or furnishings that are not in good condition can all have a negative effect on mental health. When we consider how interior design affects mood, as interior designers we should also contemplate the positive effects a well-designed interior can bring.

A room that makes the best use of light, is well laid out and gives the end user the space to breathe, move and function freely will have a cumulative effect on mood and mental health. Every day of being in a welcoming and comfortable place gives a bonus to mood. As interior designers in Chiswick, we have first-hand experience of how interior design for mental health can have a positive impact on people's life quality.

Colours and shades

It is well known that reds and oranges evoke warmth and energy, while greens and blues make a room feel cool and calm. Colour psychology can also make a room appear larger or smaller and we can choose a colour palette to maximise what will make the room most appealing, and a more pleasant place to be.

One of the aspects of how interior design affects mental health is that what brightens one person's mood will darken someone else's. Some people prefer warm and cosy looking interiors, while others prefer spacious, relaxing, and cooler interiors.

Let there be light

Natural light improves mood and productivity dramatically. For this reason finding ways to improve the use of natural light in a gloomy room is very important for mental health. A well-versed interior designer will combine artificial lighting and natural light strategically to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. It also reduces eyestrain and promotes improved sleeping patterns, especially if the occupant is there for a long time.

Space and organisation

Using the space efficiently is one of the most important aspects of how interior design affects mood. Thoughtful arrangement of furniture will enhance the space and help to create a functional and clutter-free environment. Having well-defined areas for different activities also helps organise time and promote a sense of order. A living space that makes accomplishing tasks easier makes great inroads into helping to promote improves mental health. Knowing where things are and having an organised space helps to contribute to a feeling of control and success.

Comfortable furnishing

Comfort is a key factor in mental well-being. Choosing comfortable and ergonomic furniture encourages relaxation and supports physical well-being. A cosy chair or a comfortable sofa can provide a sense of security and comfort. We can also incorporate natural furnishings like plants and natural materials, which have a calming effect on the whole interior space.

When a room is comfortable, this is one of the most important features of interior design for mental health. After all, there is nothing worse than a chair or bed that is a not comfortable place to sit or lay.

Making it personal

Having a living space that has bespoke elements can also help to improve mood. Each customised or personal element can bring extra delight to a day, evoke a happy memory, or provoke inspiration. A poster or picture can remind the inhabitant of their goals, or remind them of their achievements so far. Furnishings with your favourite colours, pictures of your favourite animal, or a family motif or crest, are all great ways to make a personal space truly personal, and help improve your mood exponentially.



Our approach is your approach

With Bee Design, our approach is to listen to you, and take on board your needs for both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the design. In this way we can create a room that works for you and improves your mood, boosting your mental health and helping you to achieve great things from small places.





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