Swapping furniture from one room to another

A certain combination of furniture and décor may be completely unsuitable for one room, but work superbly in another. Sometimes all it takes to refresh the look of two rooms is to swap furnishing between them.


Find characterful furniture at flea markets and on Freecycle

Oftentimes, the best item of furniture is not the most expensive. Many people throw out furniture they consider too old or not suitable for a certain room, and you can acquire it very inexpensively, either through online pages, or at local flea markets and charity shops. This is especially good for obtaining ‘shabby chic' items, or furniture that is just coming back into style after years of neglect.










Create focal points in large rooms

If you are looking to furnish a large room, creating a focal point, whether it is a fireplace, circular table, a high quality piece of furniture, or an item of art, is a really effective way of making a large room work. It can make the room feel more welcoming and cosy, and create an impactful impression for visitors and friends.

Cushions and beanbags are also a great way of taking up space cheaply in a room that is too large. Often you can also use rugs and paint the walls a warmer colour, to make the space feel more welcoming.


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Create good lighting in smaller rooms

Having a well-lit room gives it a dual feeling of space and warmth. Whether you are utilising natural light, with extra windows, mirrors or skylights, or adding electric lighting to the corners of the room, effective lighting can really change the mood of a home, and give it a whole new style for a low cost. Minimalizing clutter is usually the most effective approach for updating a smaller room.










Use your own craft and skills

Whether you are a talented painter, or have a knack for crafting furniture, you will be surprised at how much you can add to your home interior with your own handiwork. Some intricate paintwork around a frame, or some woodwork, carved by your own tools, will give your interior design a personal touch, and give you immense pleasure each time you see it.

If you are working to a tight budget, the insight of a professional interior designer can still save you money in the long term. With my Starter Stage Design Packages starting at £375 per room, you can have a number of great ideas for redesigning your room, and indeed your entire home, many of which are very cost effective.


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