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There's much more to designing a kitchen than making it look attractive. You kitchen needs to operate efficiently. With bespoke kitchen design, a designer needs to think about where you may put a hot pan of cooking after you take it out of the oven. They should have in mind where cooking ingredients are kept, and how easily you can get to them from the cooking area.


A kitchen as a functional place

Bespoke modern kitchens should consider everything from where the washing machine is loaded from, to how often you use the sink. Each movement and action should be easy and free of potential hazards and obstacles. The last thing you want when carrying a hot plate of food is to have to step around an appliance or furnishing. With our experience and vision, we can help you avoid all the pitfalls of modern kitchen design, while still creating a space that has your ideal look in mind.

The ‘triangle'

Meal preparation should occur in a relatively small space. In this way when you're preparing a meal the distance travelled from fridge to work surface to oven is minimised, and the chances of accidents and mishaps is likewise reduced. With bespoke kitchen design, this triangle is where the design begins. Everything else, from the location of the storage cupboards, the sinks and washbasins, and the kitchen appliances, revolves around this triangle.

A safe and practical space

With this in mind we create a space where you can prepare a meal easily, where the cupboards open the right way, and where the cooking knives are within reach when you need them. Having the spice rack in easy reach from the cooking hob, for example, saves you those extra seconds when you're preparing a stir fry, to keep the ingredients moving in the pan and prevent burning. Having ample light on food preparation and cutting board surfaces makes the whole process that little bit easier and safer. These are aspects of modern kitchen design that many interior designers may not even consider.

More than just a kitchen

There is often much more than just food preparation that happens in a kitchen of course. In many households it is the first room visitors come into, especially if you prefer a guest entrance. It often doubles as a dining room, a storage area, and even an open-plan living room. When considering ‘what is a bespoke kitchen', we have to consider what the space means to you and your family. In effect there may be many other ‘triangles' within that living space, each with equal importance to you. Having a consultative designer, who listens to you and what you need is imperative for a successful modern kitchen design.

Old or new?

Most contemporary kitchen design opts for one look or the other: Modern or old fashioned. At Bee Design, we can cater to both, and have created many beautiful kitchen designs that cater to these visuals beautifully.

We realise that old-fashioned aesthetic does not necessarily mean discarding modern appliances, but are ready to secrete these in your kitchen to help keep that appearance as authentic looking as possible. By keeping you visual ideals in mind when creating your kitchen space, we can help you create that ideal bespoke kitchen you have been envisioning.

With a modern kitchen design, the aesthetic appeal should not be discarded. In many cases the appliances can complement the visual appeal of the space. A striking jet black fridge, or a selection of modern kitchen gadgets can really bring a design into the 21st century. Modern aesthetics involve sleek and efficient lines, usually black or white colours, and a minimalist style on first glance, where appliances can be accessed through portals or even slide into place when needed.

Thinking about traffic

With a kitchen interior design, through-traffic should be considered as being integral to the layout. Almost every kitchen acts as a through-room from living room to garden, or from dining room to hallway. If you are in charge of a busy family, this factor can either be a nuisance or an asset, depending on how the kitchen is laid out.



Helping busy households work together

Our main consideration with a kitchen design is to make sure the through-traffic does not interfere with the ‘triangle', where meal preparation takes place, wherever possible. In this way children rushing home from school will not get under your feet while cooking, and accidents, arguments and tension is kept to a minimum. If people walking through your kitchen can have a free corridor to move and interact with you without interrupting you, then this makes the space much more functional, and it will work much better for you, especially if the household is busy.




What is bespoke design?

A truly bespoke kitchen will give you the freedom to interact and breathe in your kitchen, as well as the functional space to allow you to create meals and perform everyday chores efficiently. We will talk with you in detail to find out what you need from your kitchen, what it is you do most there, and what you intend for its use going forwards with your lifestyle.

There is so much more to modern bespoke kitchen design than simply arranging the appliances and making it look ‘cottagey' or post-modern. Every kitchen should be unique and customised to the people using it, so that you can focus on the important things in your life, like your friends, family, or your own company while creating perfect meals.


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