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Welcome to Bee Design. Our approach to designing a home is to bring harmony and functionality to any living space with our 25 years of interior designing expertise. We are here to create a space that can provide all our clients' needs, preserve their memories, contain their hobbies, welcome their family and friends, and provide a comfortable lifestyle. We are interior designers in Chiswick, and we serve throughout the UK.

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Helping you with every step



Our clients' time is precious and valuable, and where they require an experienced interior designer that can understand their needs and handle their budget, we are here to help. As modern interior designers in London, we focus on living and dining rooms, bedrooms, lounge areas and entrances and all other rooms in the house!


A full interior refurbishment package



Every decision and element are carefully chosen to the criteria that is in your brief. Our responsibilities are reflected in the process and results of the outcome. In most instances, your interior design will be completely virtual. As an interior design company in the UK all aspects of your room design can be considered online.


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Your online interior design journey

The journey begins with purchasing suitable furniture items online with our pre-plans and layout measurements. Other tasks in the process are to choose the colour scheme, paint finish, wallpaper print, appropriate lights, floor finish and suitable accessories. There are many items to take decisions upon our experience as modern interior designers in Chiswick is necessary to avoid poor results with a high price tag.

How it works


It's very important that you feel that your home represents you in every way, through its bespoke furniture, and chosen art work, so that it represents your tastes and style of living.


How it works

1. Connect with your designer

Email enquiries@beedesign.uk


2. Let us know what you like

Share with us your ideal space. Answer the questionnaires that we will provide you the link to and help you sign in to our platform. This will help us to understand your style, requirements and share pictures with measurements of the room.

3. Meet your designer at the design portal

Waiting to meet you and see how we can help you design your dream home.

We use tools such as images, mood boards, visuals, illustrations and samples.


4. Check out your designs

Sit back and enjoy the outcome of your ideas. In case it's not what you're looking for, we can have another go..


5. Shop your design

Now you have a full curated shopping list, waiting for your purchase from our chosen vendors.


6. We track your order to make it happen!

We have a great follow up starting from minimum two weeks up to 6 weeks depending on the service on your process following our key plan layout to the items that you will order. We can also give you other similar choices if some items are out of stock.






Who we work with?

We have designed home interiors for many high spec properties, as well as for commercial businesses and show homes. As modern interior designers in Chiswick, serving London and the South East, we have worked in a huge variety of properties for many diverse clients and customers.

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Modern interior design services

Here at Bee Design, we are here to help you discover expert home interior design services for your space. Our modern interior designers in London will listen to you, inspire you, and help you create a space that fulfils all of your design requirements and more. We can transform your home with professional, innovative, and stimulating design solutions.

With our interior design services, you have our full creative input, and we will listen to you as you outline what you want from your home interior, both in terms of its function and aesthetic.




AirBnB interior design

This is a highly popular option, where the competitive AirBnB demands your interior looks beautiful and enticing to would-be travellers. With this website being very much image-led, creating that first impression is vital. For this reason, a well laid-out room with a characterful ambiance makes all the difference.

Likewise our specialist interior design company in the UK can help make sure your whole accommodation gives that same feel, so your visitors do not feel let down when they come to stay.




Your Design packages

find a package that suits you

Starter Package

From £375 per room

(max. 20m squared)


1 consultation call for 30 minutes

2 Concept Design board

Detailed room layout

1 revision layout

Curated Shopping list

Suggested paint and finishes

2 weeks of post design support

Moderate Package

From £599 per room

(max. 30m squared)


2 consultation calls of 30 minutes

Design mood board

Furniture layout

2d visual design (2 sides)

2 revision layout

Shopping list of furniture and accessories

Suggested paint and finishes

4 weeks of post design support

Dual Package

From £899 per room

(Bigger rooms, max. 50m squared)


3 consultation calls of 30 minutes

Design mood board

Furniture layout

3d visual (2 angles)

3 revision layout

Shopping list of furniture and accessories

Suggested paints and finishes

6 weeks of post design support

Bespoke Design Package

Package price of £600


Designed furniture or wall element

Detailed shop drawing

3d vision

Material and finishes

14 days of post design package


If you are looking for modern interior designers in Chiswick, book your FREE call for a consultation and fill in the contact form here. You can also email me at enquiries@beedesign.uk, or call 07789 440793.